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Paygilant’s SmartRISK combines transaction information, behavioral biometric data and device indicators to determine if your user is legitimate or a threat.

We Integrate Data From Six Intellegent Sets 

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Paygilant Mentioned in Payment Week

Check out the article that appeared in Payment Week on September 14, 2018. https://paymentweek.com/2018-9-14-closer-look-biometrics-mobile-payment-security/

Meet Paygilant @ EFMA

Meet Us @ EFMA Paygilant will be at EFMA, Oct.15-16.  We will showcase our technology that is designed to prevent mobile transactions, payments and money transfer fraud across the entire user...

Paygilant Mentioned in ThePaypers

Check out the article that appeared in ThePaypers on September 13, 2018.  

Paygilant Prevents Mobile Payment Fraud with IBM Cloud Technology

People around the world do almost everything with their mobile devices. Paying for purchases with them is just another use case that makes sense. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the...


Contactless Payments Penetrating the USA

If you’ve ever travelled the New York City’s subway or bus network, you’ve probably noticed its archaic payment system. Come May 2019, passengers riding the MTA subway will be able to pass through a...

Are P2P payments the future? Are They Safe?

Peer-to-peer (P2P)payment apps have become super popular recently.  These apps usually connect to individuals’ bank accounts and can be used to quickly and easily send $23 to a friend to cover a...

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Solution Overview White Paper
The solution overview  white paper showcases Paygilant’s  mobile fraud detection and prevention solution, referring to specific use cases, product architecture and solution benefits..


7 Mobile Bank Stats - Infographic

Check out our 7 Mobile Banking Stats – That Will Surprise You infographic to learn the impact of mobile banking.


Paygilant Corporate Datasheet

Paygilant’s corporate data sheet outlines the key values and our turn-key solution that provides a comprehensive mobile fraud detection and prevention solution for multiple industries.


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