” India is undergoing a transformation into a cashless society. As a key player in India’s transformation into a cashless society, it is our responsibility to create a safe environment for our customers. Paygilant’s on-device mobile payment fraud prevention technology, with its ability to detect fraud in the pre-transaction stage, gives us this capability. “

Vinay Kalantri, The Mobile Wallet founder and CEO

“ The Paygilant team had a very solid idea that took minor design tuning to provide a strong solution using an adaptive model of customer behavior to detect and handle fraud risk. This is extremely valuable to Citi ”

Dr. Matthew Yuschik, Global Consumer R&D group at Citi

Paygilant’s SmartRISK combines transaction information, behavioral biometric data and device indicators to determine if your user is legitimate or a threat.

We Integrate Data From Six Intellegent Sets

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