Frictionless Mobile Payments Security
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Paygilant's Mobile-Based Fraud Detection
Paygilant’s technology is designed to protect mobile Payment financial transactions, either executed by NFC, QR code, P2P or in-app payments against fraudulent attacks. Operating on the mobile device, Paygilant enables a frictionless customer experience during the transaction, triggering an immediate authentication only upon a suspicious fraudulent attempt. Learn how mobile payment providers benefit from preventing fraud while enhancing their customers’ experience and cutting operational costs.
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"India is undergoing a transformation into a cashless society. As a key player in India's transformation into a cashless society, it is our responsibility to create a safe environment for our customers. Paygilant's on-device mobile payment fraud prevention technology, with its ability to detect fraud in the pre-transaction stage, gives us this capability"
Vinay Kalantri, The Mobile Wallet founder and CEO
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