Paygilant Solution For Financial Institutions

Traditional means of detecting fraud are not keeping up with fraudsters who employ sophisticated fraud MOs.  At the same time, improving the customer’s experience and building trust is critical for banks looking to grow customer loyalty. Paygilant provides exactly that. With less friction and less fraud, Paygilant delivers significant return on investment, making it the ideal choice for financial institutions.

Preventing Financial Fraud Using Layered Security (Including Behavioral Biometrics)

Paygilant prevents fraud before it occurs. By utilizing a layered security methodology that includes device fingerprinting, behavioral biometrics and transaction analysis, Paygilant achieves superior accuracy which significantly reduces  false positives and enhances the conversion rate.

  • Prevent sophisticated fraud before the transaction occurs
  • Increase customer loyalty while decreasing fraud losses
  • Reduce the need for costly manual reviews with improved accuracy
  • Contend multiple financial related uses cases with one solution
  • Easy integration using a light SDK solution
  • Designed for financial institutions with a digital transaction focus



Every step in the user’s journey is an opportunity for a fraudster to commit fraud. Often fraud occurs way before the user completes a transaction.

Paygilant protects  the user at multiple checkpoints to determine if a criminal activity is occurring and stops fraud long before the actual transaction occurs.

App Launch – Stage 1

During the App Launch stage, two main intelligence sets are activated to indicate that new account fraud may be occurring.

Onboarding  – Stage 2

During the onboarding stage, four intelligence sets are activated directly impacting new account fraud and account takeover fraud senerios .

Transaction – Stage 3

During the transaction stage, all six intelligence sets are activated directly impacting new account fraud, transaction fraud and account takeover fraud