Paygilant partners with industry leaders to provide best-in-breed solutions that offer

great user experience while stopping fraudsters before they can do harm. We work jointly

with our partners to enhance customer value, loyalty, and bottom line results. By joining

Paygilant’s Partner’s Program, as a referral or technology partner, we offer our mutual

customers a scaleable and seamless value-added collaboration.




FCASE is an integrated fraud management suite that provides end-to-end fraud

operations management. FCASE aggregates information from multiple fraud detection

programs, and provides a cross-channel analytics for all your fraud data.



ADO Technologies is a leading solution provider of intuitive, accurate and secure mobile

biometric platform for various ID management applications.



Alfa Group is a software house that operates in the market of services and solutions since

1996 and today is one of the most dynamic and innovative in the ICT sector, specializing

in solutions for enterprise management and security.



United Pay Ltd is a business facilitator and innovative mobile Apps, Wallets, card/cardless and

multi channel digital  payment solutions enabler driving the shift from transactions to consumer












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